Astronomy: Stargazing

Natural Sciences

Course Outline

Understanding the Night Sky

  • The moon and the planets
  • Stars and Nebulae
  • Galaxies and Celestial Events

Defining the Night Sky

  • Direction and Orientation
  • Understanding Star Magnitudes
  • Measure the distance

How the Sky Moves

  • The Celestial Sphere & Celestial Coordinates
  • The Ecliptic & Meridian
  • Precession

Stellarium and Star Charts

  • How to read a Star Chart
  • Stellarium


  • What is a Constellation?
  • Who created the constellations?
  • Types of Constellations
  • Zodiac Signs and Constellations
  • Looking for Constellations

Navigating using Stars

  • How people navigated using Stars

Finding Zodiacal Constellations

  • Aries the Ram Constellation
  • Taurus the Bull Constellation
  • Gemini the Twins Constellation
  • Cancer the Crab Constellation
  • Leo the Lion Constellation
  • Virgo the Virgin Constellation
  • Scorpius the Scorpion Constellation
  • Sagittarius the Archer Constellation
  • Capricornus the Sea Goat Constellation
  • Aquarius the Water-bearer Constellation
  • Pisces the Fish Constellation
  • Libra the Scales Constellation