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Build diverse search experiences for your users
Gear up for Hyper Growth by powering your Content Discovery through our fully managed Search Platform.

Search platform that you deserve

We enable teams and enterprises serve the best Search Experience to their users.
✔️ Fully Managed and infinitely scalable
✔️ Tuning relevance on the fly
✔️ Detailed Search Analytics
✔️ Insights on how users interact with your Search
✔️ A/B Testing Friendly

Deep Learning ❤️ Search

We bring the power of Deep Learning to make Search more relevant than ever.

We understand queries better

With our sophisticated Deep Learning Algorithms, developed in house, we try to understand the true intent of the user and thereby surface the most relevant content at the top.

We train models per Industry per Product

We know one size never fits all and hence we have developed Algorithms and trained our models to cater to needs specific to Industry and Product ensuring you always get the best.

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